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The View

Emmy Award-Winning Makeup Artist Lori Klein
Discusses The Hottest Makeup Trends

"We still need a little extra help to fill in (brows). When I tried this, I fell in love. A soft-tip marker that you can precisely fill in your brows with and it doesn't rub off. You can draw in little hairs, make them fuller, longer, fill-in those bare spots."



The Eyes Have It

"Jealous of naturally thick brows on stars such as Cara Delivingne? Get the look with TouchBack BrowMarker, which fills in sparse brows and lasts all day, thanks to a patented formula that bonds to hair and skin."

Lucky Lucky


Best Brow Idea: The Pen

"The people who came up with the root-disguising pen TouchBack Hair Marker have taken their good idea and run with it, to great effect. These brow pens are truly brilliant for filling in sparse areas — you literally draw in tiny hairs where you need them — and they do not smudge. At all."

Eyebrows Are in the Spotlight Again

"Great job TouchBack… for variety of colors, ease of application and long wearing power.
You get a 5-STAR review!!!"



How to Get (or Fake!) Thicker Brows

"Fuller arches are so sexy right now, but not everyone is blessed with a set. Fortunately, it's easy enough to get the look with a few tricks and the right products. These are some of our favorites — like a great push-up bra for your brows. Make Your Mark..."



5 Tricks for Beautiful Eyebrows

"Full, well-shaped brows make you look younger and more sophisticated… fill in any bare spots with a soft-tip brow marker, such as TouchBack BrowMarker."



The Best Eyebrows in Hollywood!

"TouchBack BrowMarker… A soft-tip marker like this one is great for shading in sparse areas of your brows and it won't rub off!"

Celebrity Stylemakers Blog


Get Statement-Making Brows with
TouchBack BrowMarker

"Say goodbye to sparse and skinny, this season it's all about full, healthy looking brows. Get the most talked about trend for spring with help from the TouchBack BrowMarker."

Songberries Blog

TouchBack BrowMarker is
New Technology for Eyebrows

"This little marker is amazing! I put some on one morning before my gym class, kind of like a boot camp class so we're talking major sweating, and my eye brows stayed on! I am so excited to find BrowMarker. It's now one of my makeup essentials!"

Scandalously Polished Blog


Check These Out!

"The TouchBack BrowMarker is a soft-tip marker designed to enhance your arches. It delivers the perfect amount of long-lasting color for effortless application."

Tres Dope

Tres Dope

Beauté Trend: Strong Brows

"Strong brows are here to stay. Got thin brows? Don't fret, the products like TouchBack BrowMarker will help you achieve the look."

Joy Fennell Does Makeup

Joy Fennell Does Makeup

Sharing An Amazing Product

"Honestly, I was very hesitant to use them at first… the word marker always makes me think of a big black marker that doesn't come off. But, I can safely say that this isn’t the case with this product. After using them, the product came right off with makeup remover BUT stayed put while shooting. I didn't have to worry with touching up or wiping away product that started to melt off or sweat away. It truly was cool to see ;)"

Makeup U Blog


Beauty Products: The Classics

"The pen looks just like a marker, and has a smooth even flow of color. I like the effect and it lasted... TouchBack BrowMarker would make a great beauty asset in your arsenal of cosmetics."

Beauty Blvd

Beauty Trend: Big Bold Eyebrows

"Say goodbye to sparse and skinny… it's all about full, healthy looking brows. TouchBack BrowMarker is a soft-tip marker designed to enhance your arches. It delivers the perfect amount of long-lasting color for effortless application."